May 25

FEA Scam Warning

Some of our members may have gotten a marketing email about an “expanded” Best and Brightest scholarship program. The company is trying to sell online SAT and ACT preparation courses to  local members. The marketing email contains a link to a Florida Department of Education memo about last year’s Best and Brightest program.


The email fails to mention that

  • the Best and Brightest program is contained in HB 7069, which has not been sent to or signed by the governor.
  • IF the governor signs the bill, there would be no change in the qualifying criteria for next year, and $6,000 is a weak promise of a future bonus.
  • A high test score is not the only qualifying criteria.


This email is simply a marketing program for a test preparation company, so let the buyer (our members) beware.


Review the FEA  Myths, Facts and ‘Alternative Facts’ about HB 7069 to help you fight the misinformation and the marketing hype. We encourage you to continue your efforts to urging the Governor veto HB 7069.  Please help us stop HB 7069 by sharing FEA’s Action Center link with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Ask them to email Governor Scott and ask him to VETO HB 7069 and to VETO the state budget.