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Bargaining Team Report – 8/21/17

Bargaining Team Report – 8/21/17
Your ABCE bargaining team braved the perils of the eclipse and the rain that made sure we wouldn’t see it, to once again go to the table on Monday and represent your interests in negotiations with the District. We examined Article V of the contract dealing with Working Conditions, and put 13 proposals forward. These varied from clarifying language in the contract to creating new protections for our teachers. Our proposals to lower the number of times teacher’s could be required to stay after hours for meetings and to ensure that sites without functional climate control would be closed to safeguard the health of teachers and students met with no success at the table. The team obtained tentative agreement from the district (pending ratification) that textbooks would be delivered to the teacher’s classroom by September 15th of each year, except in cases when the books were not yet sent to the district. In such cases, the books will be in the teacher’s class room within 10 days of their arrival in the district.
There were a number of issues left upon the table for further deliberation by both sides, particularly –
The District has proposed changes to the contract to allow a wider variety of persons to enter a teacher’s classroom for observations, without any notice given to the teacher in advance.
ABCE has proposed changes to the contract to increase the protections afforded to a teacher in the event the teacher is recorded without their knowledge or permission while on campus.
One of the biggest concerns we had at the table though, as you may have heard about on the news, was the District proposal to strike a clause from the contract protecting teachers from having to call parents when students are absent. Currently, teachers may only be required to contact parents if a student is to be referred for excessive absences to the school’s child study team. This is a protection your team was not going to agree to give up, and they countered aggressively to defend your protection, citing the lack of true attendance policy and calling upon the District to create and enforce an attendance policy with actual consequences, as the law (according to FLDOE’s website) allows!
Your negotiations team will return to the table on September 6th to take up the issues once more, but they’d love to hear from you about your thoughts on the contract! The next Bargaining Team meeting is on August 30th at 4:15, and they will be meeting at the Miracle Strip Service Unit building at 1610 Beck Avenue! We’re hoping to live tweet the next bargaining session, so if you want to know what is going on, pay attention to the ABCE Twitter feed @ABCEteach