Oct 13

How to Have a Successful First Year in the Classroom

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Good news!  NEA’s next webinar for First Year Educators is set for October 16th at 7pm EST.  This will help us support new educators who completed New Ed cards AND increase our member recruitment in the SE Region!  A sample email for the webinar is provided below.  443 participants joined the last webinar, and with your help, we can break the 500 participant barrier.


Please share this email with UniServ Directors, IPD staff and members who can help get the word out.  Emails could be shared widely with members and staff who support early career educators.


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Subject Line:  How to Have a Successful First Year in the Classroom

You’ve already prepped yourself for having a successful first quarter, but you still have a whole year left in the classroom! What can you do ensure the rest of your first school year is as successful as the first few months?

Join our webinar  for resources and advice for master educators on how to have a successful first year in the classroom.

The webinar takes place on October 16 at 7 P.M. EST. Register today!

Our panel of professional practice leaders will share lessons learned about managing classrooms, identifying instructional, local, and community resources, and balancing professional expectations with the realities of life.

We want to help support, advocate, and guide you in your pursuit of professional best practices.

So, make to take advantage of all the great resources we have available to new educators and sign up for this informative webinar today!

For more information, contact:


Peter Witzler
Organizational Specialist
Center for Organizing
National Education Association
pwitzler@nea.org | 202-277-6973