Jan 23

House Bill 25 – letter from FEA President – Joanne M. McCall


FEA Action Alert
ALERT: Legislators decided late last week to add House Bill 25 to the special order calendar. They will vote on HB 25 either Wednesday or Thursday. If this bill passes both chambers and becomes law, public unions under the 50% membership threshold could lose their certified collective bargaining agent status. The bill is particularly ugly because it is clearly aimed primarily at silencing the voices of Florida’s teachers and education staff professionals – while exempting police and firefighter unions.

This bill is an attack on our rights. Take action today. Call your legislator at the Florida AFL-CIO’s hotline (855)235-2469 and enter your ZIP code to be connected with your state representative. Tell them to vote NO on HB 25. You can also e-mail your state representative at the FEA Action center by clicking here.

Click here to catch up on what happened week 2 of the legislative session.

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Have a great week,

Joanne M. McCall, President
Florida Education Association