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Together, We Educate Bay County.

Our Vision
To be the united voice for excellence in public education in Bay District Schools.

Our Mission
1. Empower and support ABCE members
2. Advance professional growth and development within Bay District Schools
3. Engage ABCE members and communities to ensure all students learn and succeed in a diverse world
4. Strive to be a transformational association

Our Core Values
Integrity: Demonstrating personal and collective responsibility and accountability for our actions.
Respect: Valuing and respecting the diversity among individuals and locals.
Empowerment: Empowering education professionals through organization, mobilization, collective action, & solidarity.
Advocacy: Vigorously advocating for public education and our members.

Our Strategic Goals
Grow, engage, and empower membership through:
1. Negotiations (Attendance, Budget, Curriculum, and Evaluations)
2. Communications (transparent and continuous)
3. E.R. & D. (professional development)
4. Facilitation of Retired and Student chapters